Atonic ulcers of the lower extremities are sores on the legs that do not heal. They appear either after an injury or automatically without any previous injury.

Atonic ulcer is more common in the elderly and is a rather painful condition, which reduces the patient's quality of life and can develop into severe skin infections, with a serious risk of losing the patient part or all of the leg.

Atonic lower extremity ulcers are divided into:

Venous ulcers (more common) Venous ulcers are the most common and are said to make up over 70% of all ulcers. In this case the atonic ulcer is due either to venous insufficiency (varicose veins of the lower extremities), or it is of post-thrombotic etiology. Venous ulcers usually occur peripherally to the tibia.

Arterial ulcers Occur mainly in patients with Peripheral Obstructive Arteropathy, Diabetes, or with lower extremity embolism (blue finger).

Diabetic ulcers Combined with arterial disease, but also with diabetic neuropathy. According to statistics, 15% of diabetics will develop an ulcer in the lower extremities once in their lifetime.

Treatment of ulcers

Appropriate treatment (combination of systemic medication)

Proper Surgical care

Use of specific wound dressings and elastic bandages

Proper medical care of the ulcer, to identify the cause.

Ulcers are often of mixed etiology, especially in the elderly, and their treatment is complex.

The information and the cooperation of the patient with their Dermatologist but also with a specialist Vascular Surgeon are essential elements for the healing and the reduction of the recurrence of the ulcer.

Like most diseases, for foot ulcers, the best and most effective treatment is Prevention.

Here are some helpful tips:

Proper hygiene and care of your feet, with regular washing

Healthy diet

Avoid sedentary lifestyle, frequent walking, and active life

Cut down on bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol

Use specific pads or auxiliary socks, if recommended by your doctor

Proper and comfortable shoes

Immediate visit to your doctor in case you notice that an injury does not heal within 1-2 weeks


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